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Using Artificial intelligence to increase video surveillance performance is not new. Over the past few years, city governments, traditional security system integrators, and private enterprises have started to invest in AI for surveillance. But with the many benefits AI powered video analytics offers (analysis of 100% video flow, reduction in operator costs, decrease in safety risks), why haven’t all security sector actors jumped on board? The answer is due to the complexity surrounding a few major areas: scaling, integration with legacy systems, and adaptation to each client’s specific situational needs. …

With numerous AI powered retail solutions available, it is a complex task for retailers to select the solution that brings the most value to their business. Kirahvi, a demand forecasting tool developed by Jalgos adapts to each clients business context in order to produce high quality custom results.

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The use of AI within the retail industry is expanding every year. That is a projected 35% increase from 2019 to 2025. But using AI to respond to business needs is not one size fits all. Retail innovation spans from chatbots to product recommendations, inventory management, price optimization, among other uses. Furthermore, a given solution selected based on intuition alone may not produce results that are operationally or financially relevant to the company. Retailers are tasked with sorting through an abundance of AI solutions and gadgets in order to select, source, test, and analyze the impact of the results.

Kirahvi, a demand forecasting tool to optimize your inventory replenishment strategy


Tech and Politics

At a time where China and the US hold the most unicorns worldwide, an ambitious France has taken government led measures to solidify their place in the global arena.

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The unicorn. Majestic and rare, hidden and powerful, with a horn made of a valuation of 1 billion dollars granting it ultimate boasting status among all stakeholders involved. Notably, the initial VC’s who first believed, the politicians who fought for the infrastructure allowing for growth, and the hardworking employees.


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